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I don’t know about your home, but I know mine could use some major de-cluttering. I don’t want to be drowning in stuff, especially things that we don’t have a need or want for anymore. So I’m going to have a 10-day de-clutter-a-thon.

Too much in one day can be so overwhelming, particularly when you have difficulty getting rid of things. So I’ve put together a 10-day, 10-area plan to get rid of the excess.

Before we get started, though, we need to do a little bit of prep work. Make sure you have a bag or container to put everything you’re donating. I like to use a plastic bin like this one. You will also want to have some cleaning supplies handy, such as an all-purpose cleaner (I love this stuff!) and magic eraser helps too.

Ok, let’s get started!

How to Have a 10-Day De-Clutter-a-thon (Only 15-30 minutes per day!)

Medicine cabinet

Clean out an expired or outdated medicine, makeup, first aid ointments, toothpaste, etc. After I cleaned out mine, I organized things into small containers.

Linen closet

Any extra blankets or towels you haven’t touched in years that should be donated? What about those curtains you bought and decided you didn’t like? Add them to the donate pile!

Bedroom closet/dresser

This one is pretty straightforward.. get rid of clothes that you don’t wear or that don’t fit anymore. While you’re add it get rid of any socks and undergarments that don’t fit, have holes in them, etc.

Clean out nightstand

There could be all sorts of things lurking in those drawers that get shoved in there before bedtime. Get your nightstand cleaned out and organized so you can find what you need easily.

Office closet

Go through old purses, bags, and other things that get stored in the office closet. Also, any extra office supplies you don’t need or won’t use can be donated as well.

Kitchen cabinets

Clean out cups, plates, expired food, baking pans, etc. This would also be a good time to replace the shelf liners if you have them. Put them back in an organized manner and you’ll be able to find what you need a lot quicker in the kitchen!

Kitchen drawers

Get rid of old tupperware, utensils, and clean out that junk drawer! 🙂 Then work on organizing them – these containers work great for that.


What books haven’t you touched in ages? Any magazines sitting around that should go in the recycling? Most libraries accept donations of books. You may also want to look into resale shops that will give you cash or credit for you used books.

Filing cabinet

Check out my post on purging old files for ideas on what to keep and what to throw away. Then you can organize the cabinet with pretty folders and tabs!

Need more help getting that paperwork under control (I get it!)? Then read my Ultimate Guide to Organizing Paperwork.

Email / Computer files

Organize the files and your computer and delete what you don’t need anymore so it’s not taking up valuable disk space. Then spend some time decluttering and organizing your email.

I also try to keep my computer files organized. I do this by creating categorized folders and moving files into them. This makes things look cleaner and makes things easier to find.

Another great tool for files is the search bar! Just a quick tip to remember if you’re searching for a particular file. 🙂

My Method

I plan to throw out or donate at least 5-10 things from each area. But that means after the 10 day challenge, 50-100 items will be cleaned out! Some items could be an old receipt, or it could be nice clothing you just don’t wear.

No matter what it is, the important thing is that we’re clearing away clutter that is distracting us from focusing on what truly matters. Less clutter means less stress.

Once you have these areas done, check out round 2 to clean out the rest of the house.

So let’s go get clutter-free!

Need this steps & more in one place? Grab this FREE Ultimate Decluttering Checklist! It has all of these areas compiled into one handy printable so you can easily implement what you just read!

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