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I want to make my home a haven. I wish for it to have an atmosphere of love, relaxation, and comfort. So here are just a few methods I’m using to try and make our home feel inviting and cozy.

How to Make Your Home More Relaxing

Keep it Clutter-Free

Keeping the clutter at bay can really make a difference in the atmosphere of your home. Excess clutter can cause stress, so it’s really not worth keeping it around.

I know that for me personally, keeping clutter at bay makes our home cleaner, more functional, and definitely more relaxing.

Some de-cluttering resources to get started:

Make it Smell Good

A fresh, warm scent can change the atmosphere. Whether you bake cookies, light a candle, or, my favorite, diffuse essential oils – a nice smell in your home will change the mood.

Play Music

Some soft background music can make a difference. I like to have a little background noise every once in awhile.. and sometimes I just enjoy the peace and quiet.

Keep it Bright

Unless you’re sleeping, make rooms bright and cheery. I like lots of natural light during the day, so I try to open blinds and curtains. When it’s darker out, I make sure some lights and lamps are turned on.


I think attitudes are contagious so they absolutely can make or break the atmosphere in your home. If your demeanor is loving, kind, and positive – so will your home. So be aware of how your attitude is effecting your home and family.

Attitude is the most important and most effective way to transform your home.

These are just a few simple ways to make your home feel like a haven. I’d love to hear your ideas!

How do you make your home feel relaxing?


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