What do you do when you start feeling stressed out? Thankfully there are several ways to relieve stress naturally. Here are some of the things I do if I start feeling overwhelmed.

6 ways to relieve stress naturally

Dive into Scripture

I think turning to scripture is a good first step for when you start feeling stressed out. I have several favorite verses that I try to remember when those overwhelming moments pop up. Here are some of my favorites:


Working out is a well known natural way to relieve stress.. plus a bunch of other health benefits.

My favorites ways to get a little exercise in is going for a walk around the neighborhood, playing with our dogs in the backyard, using our elliptical, or doing a workout video like one of these:

Essential Oils

Use your favorite oils to promote relaxation.



More stuff = more stress

So clear out what you donโ€™t want or need anymore. Your home will feel more spacious and so will your mind. Here are a few resources to get you started:

Do Something Fun

What better way to get your mind off stress than doing something you enjoy? Get lost in a favorite book, take a leisurely walk, or whatever it is that relaxes you and brings you joy.

Eat Chocolate

Just Kidding. Sort of.

How do you relieve stress naturally?

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