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Many evenings it seems easier to go through the drive-through than to throw something together for dinner. Especially after both my husband and I have had long days at work. However, I don’t really like eating out and sometimes the problem is simply lack of inspiration or new ideas to try. So here are my favorite go-to dishes for busy evenings:

Quick & Simple Dinner Ideas for Busy Evenings

There are all sorts of things you can throw together in a few minutes, especially if you follow my freezer cooking method.

To really make sure there are options in place for dinner, I always try to have a menu plan in place. Or, if you don’t want to make a menu plan yourself, eMeals is a great option. They have several plans to choose from and they send you a grocery list and recipes each week. I’ve found it super helpful!

What are your favorite quick meals for busy evenings?

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