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You may have read about my health goals for the year and I want to share how I’m planning on keeping up through the busy holiday season. These are my four strategies to use on how to stay healthy during the holidays – or anytime life gets a little crazier than normal.

These are my four strategies to use on how to stay healthy during the holidays - or anytime life gets a little crazier than normal.

Create an eating plan

Every MOPS meeting there’s a potluck full of delicious breakfast dishes. And breakfast food is my favorite. So I fill up my plate without thinking too much of it because, you know, it’s one of those rare occasions I get to eat without a baby insisting that I share.

But then later, usually after my plate is empty, I realize I probably could have made some better choices. If I actually have an idea of what I’m going to eat and how much.. well then it goes a little better and it’s a bit easier to make good food choices. Instead of saying “I’m just going to do my best to eat healthy,” actually make a plan to do so

Don’t deprive yourself

While you’re making that plan, don’t deprive yourself! That just makes a recipe for disaster, at least in my experience. We need balance and an 80/20 rule works well. That is, 80% of your foods are the “right” or “healthy” choices and the rest goes toward things that are a little more indulgent. In my case, that’s usually chocolate.

Keep things simple

Don’t try to have a Pinterest perfect holiday. Keep in mind what matters. Are you going to remember that the tree was a little lopsided or that the cookies were slightly burnt? Probably not. Memories and experiences are what stick with us.

Keep up with self-care

The holidays can be stressful. Don’t let taking care of yourself fall to the last place on your to-do list. In fact, taking time for some self-care should be near the very TOP of your to-do list.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of time either. I know when I take a few minutes to just rest and read or update my planner (something I really enjoy doing) it makes things go a lot better. It’s like a little mental “reset” button that helps me move forward with a more relaxed and refreshed perspective.

So those are just four easy strategies on how to stay healthy during the holidays or just when things get a little crazy. Creating a plan to begin with will get you off to a good start and not depriving yourself will help you actually stick to the plan. Keeping it simple and taking care of yourself will both help set you up for success for the long haul.

And of course, be gentle with yourself and remember tomorrow is a new day. Your health is worth the effort you put in to maintain it!

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