Dusting is my least favorite chore. But.. thanks to allergies and a couple cute dogs who shed a lot, I dust my home at least once a week. Sometimes I use something like this, but I also like to add a little polish and fresh smell with this homemade dusting spray.

DIY Disinfectant Dusting Spray

Not only does it shine the furniture, it actually works as a disinfectant too. It’s a nice added bonus to be able to disinfect your home while wiping dust off the furniture!

I love this cleaning solution and it is so easy to put together. Here’s how to do it:

To make it, I put about 5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil in a 4oz glass spray bottle

Then I added a teaspoon or two of vinegar and filled the bottle up the rest of the way with water.

The mixture worked wonderfully as a dusting spray and furniture polish. Lemon essential oil is also a great disinfectant (It has many other great uses as well.)

When I use this spray I usually spray a couple times on to a microfiber cloth and then wipe down the furniture with it.

Since the mixture is non-toxic you could also just pass this chore right along to the kiddos in your home.

This DIY Dusting Spray solution has become a staple in my cleaning routine. It makes my house look fantastic and smell wonderful!

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