Doesn’t it seem like the household chores never end?

It does for me sometimes anyway. I’ve found that having a set cleaning schedule (with plenty of wiggle room of course) makes keeping up with the house a little bit easier. Here are some ways to create a successful cleaning schedule that works for you.

These simple tips for creating a cleaning schedule will help you stay on track with keeping your home nice and tidy!

List what chores need to be done when and how often

The first step is to make a list of all the chores that need to be done at some point to keep your home clean and running smoothly. What needs to be completed daily? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Yearly?

Decide what works better for you: one room at a time or one chore at a time

Personally, I prefer to clean one chore at a time. I dust the whole house, vacuum the house, etc.

But you may prefer to clean one room at a time.. It doesn’t matter, do what works best for you and your family! Either way, the house still gets cleaned. 🙂

Are you going to set aside one whole day for cleaning or do one chore/room per day?

I’ve usually done most of the cleaning on one day during the weekend or even on a Friday night. However, I’m going to try to switch to a couple things each evening so I have more time on the weekends.

More tips to make your cleaning schedule run smoothly:

  • Take a basket with you to place items that need to go elsewhere. This saves you from running all over the house while cleaning.
  • Give each family member a list of what they’re responsible for.
  • Minimize cleaners by mainly using one all-purpose cleaner.
  • If you dread cleaning, think of it as exercise- pushing the vacuum and scrubbing counter-tops burns calories!

You can get started now with this Free Printable Cleaning Schedule Planner!

How do you keep an organized cleaning schedule?


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