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I’m sure you’ve seen the meal prep craze. People prepare healthy meals for the whole week in one session. And it looks a little intimidating.

My ways of meal prep is a little simpler.

I prepare a protein, starch, and vegetable most of the time. I usually do this all on a Sunday afternoon. I put a portion of each dish into a container so for a meal all I have to do is pull a container from the fridge and heat it up.

Now, I’m not an expert in nutrition or anything. But I’ve figured out some things that are healthy and keep me full. So here’s what my simple meal prep looks like.

Meal prep doesn't have to be hard or intimidating. I'll show you how to prep healthy meals for the week in only 10 minutes.

Step 1: Protein

I like to cook chicken in the slow cooker the day I’m doing meal prep. Though my husband says we’ve been having too much chicken, so I might have to find another option soon.

I have chicken in the freezer marinated a few different ways. I’ve been pulling one out each week and cooking in the crockpot to split among my containers.

Step 2: Starch or Grain

I have always done rice for a starch. I’ve done both white and brown instant rice. To add flavor I’ve added either salsa or shredded cheese. The cheesy rice is my favorite!

Step 3: Veggies

Roasted or steamed mixed veggies. I’ve always roasted or steamed vegetables that were frozen.

To be honest, I thought the steamed veggies were just as good as roasted and it’s faster and easier to fix that way. Plus you can buy the microwavable bags at Aldi for pretty cheap 🙂

I’ve also done mashed sweet potatoes a couple times. I cut the potatoes into 3 or 4 pieces, boil (Tip: you don’t have to peel – once boiled the skins will slide right off), take the skins off, and mash and mix with honey and cinnamon.


I like to make a breakfast casserole full of protein for breakfasts. I’ve also done breakfast “cupcakes.” Those are fun, but if I’m in a hurry I just throw together a casserole of hash browns, eggs, ham or sausage, and a little cheese on top.

These casseroles keep and reheat well for several days.


For snacks I like to have fruits on hand. We also keep cheese sticks for a good protein-filled snack.
I hope this gives you some ideas and inspirations for healthy meal prep. It doesn’t have to be hard. If I can do it, so can you!

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Are you trying to switch to a more whole-foods diet? I am! There are so many preservatives and chemicals in foods these days, I am slowly making small changes to incorporate real foods into my cooking. That being said, I’m not making any drastic changes. But I am trying to be more intentional about the foods I eat. I don't exclusively eat "real" food by the way, and most likely never will. But I think if we make small changes as we can that we can live healthier and feel better about the food we are eating. Here are some easy baby steps I’ve taken to incorporate more whole foods into our life. 1. Switch to Pure Maple Syrup Did you know that the only maple in most syrups on grocery store shelves is a small amount of "maple flavoring"? This was a really easy switch for me... pure maple syrup tastes SO good. It’s a little more expensive, but if it’s in your budget then it is totally worth it. Plus, I’m usually able to find pure maple syrup at Aldi.. it’s a lot cheaper there! 2. Use Unbleached Flour Unbleached flour is processed less than the bleached variety. I’m hoping they start carrying this at Aldi, because that’s where I like to buy flour. I did find whole wheat flour there though. That’s a good choice too, so I stocked up. 3. Buy Real Butter I have cut out margarine and switched to actual butter. When used in moderation, the fats in butter are good for you. This is also something I buy at Aldi.. it’s less expensive than other places I’ve seen. 4. Know the Clean Fifteen/Dirty Dozen The "dirty dozen" fruits and vegetables are the ones that are more important to try to find organic. The dirty dozen are the ones that are supposed to have more harmful chemicals on them than the “clean fifteen.” 5. Find Local Farm Fresh Eggs I love having farm fresh eggs! These are easier to find in warmer months, but when they are available I try to buy them. Switching out a “normal” product for a much more wholesome product is an easy way to make a quick switch to eating some foods that are better for you. A lot of these simple changes actually taste a lot better too! What are your best tips for switching to more real foods?    6 Ways to Eat Healthy and Stay on Budget

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