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I’ve always loved office supplies.. binder clips, pens, notebooks, you name it. I’m always happy to stock up when the school sales come along. But the supplies really do come in handy when trying to keep my office and workspace clean and organized and I know that if I don’t stay on top of it, my home office can quickly become a mess of papers and supplies.

I spend a lot of time in the office and work much better and faster when it’s clean. Having an organized space allows me to be more focused on what I’m doing.  Here are some essentials I always use when organizing my office..

Office Organization Essentials

Label Maker

These are so helpful in organizing boxes, bins, and files. I also like to put a label on folders and binders so I can quickly grab exactly what I need.


I have several binders that I use to organize papers I have on a particular subject. I have an essential oils binder, recipe binder (that needs some reorganization work!), blog binder, home management, finances, etc.

Sharpies & Pens

As much as I love being able to track things digitally, I can’t live without my paper and pen planning as well. It goes even better when you have a trusty pen around that doesn’t run out of ink after 2 uses. These are the best pens! And I love these sharpies.

File Folders

I have a 4-drawer filing cabinet in the office but I have a hard time keeping it organized. Having a stash of file folders makes it easier to group like files and keep them together and easy to find.

Post It Notes

I can’t live without my post-it notes! The regular size is perfect for reminders and quick to-do lists. The smaller sizes are great for bookmarking a page to reference later, insert something into your planner, and much more.


I like to keep a notebook around to jot down notes and ideas that come to mind. Occasionally I do this on my phone, but there’s nothing like actually writing it down. Plus, the act of writing it out helps me remember it better and more easily process it.

With these supplies on hand I’m usually able to quickly and efficiently get my office back in shape.

What are your favorite office organization tools?

My top 5 organizing resources how to stay organized on the go

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