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Staying organized is hard. It’s especially difficult when you’re so busy you can barely catch yourself coming and going. Though my first piece of advice would be to clear your schedule so you’re not so busy, I know some seasons of life we don’t have much of a choice.

But in the midst of a busy season, you can still stay organized and on top of things with these simple tricks.

how to stay organized on the go

Take your planner

When you’re out and about, it’s nice to have your planner handy in your purse to jot down reminders and to-dos that come to mind. It’s much easier to just have your planner with your than to sort through tons of small scraps of paper with your notes on them.

I rarely leave home without my planner!

Have a backup digital planner

I’ve recently come to realize the organizational power of Google sheets. I use my Google drive account all the time to keep track of all sorts of things. I also use the Docs in Google drive to write out notes, etc.

I have several spreadsheets that keep me organized in my home and blogging life. It has totally helped me start the year off in an organized way and help so much with keeping track of things.

My Home Management spreadsheet is a way that you can start staying organized on the go right now. It’s an instant download and has lots of tabs to keep many areas of your life organized – cleaning and meal plan schedules, car maintenance, contacts, grocery lists, and so much more.

Set reminders on your phone

Set alarms on your phone to go off as reminders for events or things to do. On my phone I also have a calendar option to set a task with an alarm to remind me. Knowing you have a reminder in place can be relaxing because you don’t have to stress out trying to remember everything.

Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t be super organized. A paper and digital planner along with set reminders can keep you on track with everything you want to accomplish.

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