Do you have a habit of buying a planner but never really using it to its potential? I’ve been there.. I love planners but it takes a lot of work for it to truly make you more organized.

Here are some simple ways I’ve found to make my planner more effective.

How to Make Your Planner More Effective

First of all, to state the obvious..

Use It

Sorry to burst any bubbles here, but just buying a planner will not make you more organized. You have to actually use it and implement your plan and to-do list on a daily basis. At least if you want to be more organized.

Find The Right One

Since I’ve found the perfect planner for me, it has done wonders for my organization. That being said, if the one you bought isn’t quite cutting it, you can adjust it yourself.

You could always add post-it notes for areas that aren’t included. Maybe you need a space for writing out your grocery list or a little extra space for notes.

Color Code

If you are really busy it can help to break up your tasks into categories. For example, you could color code your planner like this:  (all you will need are some different colored pens)

Cleaning: Blue

Work: Green

Social Outings & Errands: Red

Kids Activities: Orange

That’s just a small example.. there are lots of other categories you could add to make sure everything is separated and organized within your planning pages.

Take It With You

I love that my planner is a great size so I can easily take it with me when I go to work or run errands.

I have an ongoing grocery list in my planner that is really helpful so that I always have my list with me when I go to the store.

It is also a good idea to take it with you so that all your notes can be in one place when you need to write something down.

Make It Fun

Make your planner extra pretty with stickers, ribbons, washi tape, or whatever else you like. It’ll be so beautiful you can’t help but use it every day 🙂

It’s fun to use stickers for birthdays and other special events and to just add a little extra decorations to your pages.

These simple tips can take you from a casual planner user to using your planner every day so that your life and projects stay organized.

If you are looking for a planner to help you get organized, I use and love Kayse Pratt’s Organized Life Planner! I love all the little details – there are spots for weekly habit tracker, weekly and daily priorities, prayer requests, health, water intake, meal planning, and so much more. Check it out for yourself here! (affiliate link)


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