If you’re not used to planning, it can seem a little intimidating. Or maybe it’s just something that you completely dread. Either way, adding some fun to your planning can make it seem a little easier!

These are a few of my favorite ways to add some color and creativity to the planning process.

Make planning one of your favorite activities with these easy tips for making planning way more fun. Your planner will be both fun and functional!

Colored Pens

With an assortment of colored pens, pencils, and markers you can easily make your planner pop with color. You can also assign a different color to each family member to keep track of everyone’s activities.

I LOVE using colored pens in my planner to categorize to-do’s. Not only does it add functionality, it makes my planner look extra pretty!

My personal favorites are the Papermate InkJoy pens!

Planning Stickers

There are fun planning stickers available to mark the days for birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, and more. You can find lots of varieties online or in craft stores. Another idea is to get stickers with encouragement and inspiration to decorate your planner with the quotes you love.


Colorful Washi tape can be used so many different ways in your planner! You can use it to make borders or banners, write on it so that item stands out, use it for color coding, to tape important things into your planner pages, and more. 


I am totally addicted to post-it notes! There are so many sizes and colors that make them fun.

Plus, they work so well when I need to add something extra into my planner and need to be able to move it around if plans change.


Add in cards with your favorite inspiration, Bible verses, and motivational quotes. Even better, make those pretty too and use them as bookmarks in your planner. 

I paperclip index cards into my planner that have an encouraging quote or Bible verse on them. A lot of these I’ve hand lettered myself, which is a fun and relaxing activity for me.

There are so many extra tools that you can use to make planning way more fun. All of the tools are super affordable too!

You can create a beautiful plan for your days, weeks, and months and have a blast doing it. After putting in the time and effort to create your fun, beautiful plan, you are more likely to actually use your planner as well as stick to your plan.

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