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Let’s talk about how to find time to declutter. Our lives are so busy already. How are we supposed to find time to declutter our house on top of everything else? 

So right now we’re going to explore some different strategies and ideas that you can use to finally get the decluttering done.

I totally get that not all of these strategies will work for everyone. That’s why I included several ideas – so you can pick and choose what will work best for your life.

Make it a priority

First on the list on how to find time to declutter is to really make it a priority. Because if it’s not a priority in your life, it’s just not going to happen. 

And this takes a conscious decision and effort to decide that it’s going to be a priority in your life right now. If you truly don’t have space for it to be a priority, either hold off for a little bit if you are in a particularly busy season or take a look at your schedule and see what else is taking up your time that maybe shouldn’t be such a priority. 

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Next, I’m going to say consider a staycation instead of going somewhere on a few days off. Clear your schedule and commit to spending even just a couple of days that are really focused on your home. This can make such a big difference if you have a clear schedule to commit fully to decluttering and organizing your home and life. 


Next is to delegate. What can you have the other family members do? Everyone working together will make it go so much faster and it doesn’t have to be big things either. It can be cleaning out trash the car or little things that are pretty easy and straightforward so you can focus on the bigger stuff. 

Or if you need to focus fully on decluttering in your other family members are not up to it or maybe can’t be trusted…. Delegate the other normal household tasks so you can more fully focus on the decluttering process. Make sure they can do the laundry, the dishes, the other day to day little things while you’re going to focus on decluttering your home. 

15 minutes a day

Just work on it 15 minutes a day or maybe just five or 10 minutes a day. Doing that little bit will add up and create a domino effect so that you will start getting more and more done. You’ll get more used to decluttering. 

Work it into your daily routine

Start to work decluttering into your daily routine. You will start to develop an eye for if you really need things while you’re going about your day. Then you can have a trash bag, a donate bag, or recycle bag, so that in your day to day you can toss things in there as you come across them.

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Change your mindset

All right, next, let’s talk about changing your mindset because decluttering is not a one and done sort of thing. It is a process and it’s going to take maintenance, but getting that big haul out of the way is beneficial. However, if you don’t have room for that in your life, it’s okay. It’s okay to do a little bit at a time.

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Focus on small areas

Next, focus on small areas. If you tried to do your whole house at once, you’re just going to make a mess and not really get stuff done. If you have the time, focus on one room or maybe just one piece of furniture like a dresser or maybe even just one drawer of that dresser. It’s okay to do just a tiny bit at a time. We’re aiming for progress and not perfection.

Find Community

Next, find a community of like-minded people who are also working on simplifying your life. The encouragement and inspiration of a community will help you push forward when things get tough and you start dragging with your decluttering journey.

Track your time and limit screen time

Next, learn to track your time. Maybe you have more time than you think you do to work on your home. See how much time you’re spending watching TV or playing on your phone. Unfortunately, these two things are major time sucks. I know it from personal experience. I experience it all the time. It’s a big struggle to limit your screen time. However, if you track your time and limit your screen time just for a little bit, you can make some massive progress in your home 

Learn time management strategies

And finally, learn some time management strategies. I have some other posts that go more in-depth with these, but blocking off time is a great way to make sure it gets done and to schedule it. A lot of times I find the same to be true, that if it’s not scheduled It’s not real and it’s not really going to happen.

So put it in your planner and learn some other time management strategies to make sure you are making the time to work on your home (if that is important to you in this season of life!) 

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Please know I don’t advocate for adding just one more thing on your to-do list. If you were already rundown and exhausted, if that is the case, we first need to look at other areas of your life, really work on your schedule and your mindset before we are ready to tackle the clutter. 

Well, that covers some strategies to help you find the time to declutter, so let me know which are you going to try first!

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