Have you ever set a goal that you didn’t reach?

I think most of us can say we have.

There have been many goals over the years that I just didn’t reach. For example, I’ve had books that didn’t get read, an income goal that didn’t get met, and projects that didn’t get completed.

So why don’t we reach those goals? Though there are a lot of possible reasons, the one I want to explore today is when the goal just isn’t big enough.

That seems kind of counter-intuitive, right?

The smaller goals seem like they should be the ones we accomplish. But it it’s too small, I think we can deem it unimportant or so easy that we procrastinate. Or maybe it’s just not something we’re passionate about and won’t make a big enough difference in our lives.

So I want to challenge you to set BIGGER goals and here’s why.

The reason you haven't reached your goal is that it might be too small! I'm sharing why I've decided bigger can be better when it comes to goal setting.

Life-Changing Results

Let’s set goals that will actually make a huge change for the better in our lives.

I recently attended a one day event where we were challenged to set 2-year goals.

For some it was health-oriented: they wanted to lose up to 100 pounds and transform their lifestyle to one that’s healthy and active.

Some it was more business-oriented: they wanted to hit a certain income goal that would allow them to live the life they wanted and give generously.

These results aren’t necessarily possible to accomplish in just one year. But they are phenomenal goals that would change lives. That’s why it’s set for the course of 2 years.

I like that 2 years is still short enough to see “the light at the end of the tunnel” as opposed to 5 or 10 year goals (which have their place too.)

Bigger Picture

Setting a bigger goal forces us to look more at the “big picture” of what we want our lives to look like.

It forces us to think more into the long-term than just the next couple months or year. With a bigger picture mindset, you can set your goal on something that will make a much bigger difference.

Larger Impact

What sort of long-term impact can your big goal make?

For a health-related goal, will you be able to do more with your kids or grandkids? Create more fun memories?

If you have a financial goal, what will reaching it allow you to do? Live without some stress? Give generously to causes you believe in?

These are just a few reasons we should think about bigger goals for ourselves. A large goal will help us look at the bigger picture, make a bigger impact, and create life-changing results.

What’s your BIG goal?

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