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Let’s talk about some questions you can ask yourself as you start toward a journey of living more intentionally and so I wanted to go over some questions that will help you shape your journey and the direction you are going.

Personal Questions for Living Intentionally

All right, so let’s dive in. Let’s start off with some personal questions.

First, ask yourself, what do I want my life to look like? What character qualities do I want to exhibit? What sort of legacy do I want to leave?

These are deep questions, but they are really important to go over and really dig deep and find the answers so that you can kind of shape that end goal and the journey that you want your life to look like and exhibit for others.

Family Questions for Living Intentionally

Next, let’s dive into some questions around your family. So what do you want your family life to look like? What relationships are important to you? How are you going to make those relationships a priority in the day to day? What kind of traditions do you want to create? How do you want to spend quality time together?

So dig into these questions as you shape your family time and shape your relationships so that you can have intentional growth in the relationships with the people around you.

Home Questions for Living Intentionally

Now let’s go into questions for your home.

What do you want to your home to look like? How do you want your home to feel and what do you want your home environment to really exhibit? How can you make it cozy and a haven and someplace that you really can’t wait to come home to?

We want our homes to be that safe place, that safe place, that’s life-giving in rejuvenating and restful for us and our families. So how can you create that environment in your home?

Work Questions for Living Intentionally

And finally, let’s talk about your work life.

What do you feel like you were meant to do? What are your skills and passions and dreams? What sort of purpose has God placed on your heart? Explore and dive deep into this to see how you can extend that in your current situation. And maybe you have a goal to change down the road, what you want that to look like.

So all of these questions are important to really shape the idea of what you want your life to look like, how to live intentionally, and making those intentional decisions that will get you closer to your goals.

Now, I don’t want you to get overwhelmed by all of these questions so we are not going to make all of these changes right at once. We’re going to take baby steps, but having that end goal in mind that gets us that destination point that we’re going to work towards.

Then we can just step by step, take those little baby steps and one little change and tweak at a time and all of those are going to add up and build on each other to help you reach those goals and help you live a life you love, full of intention.

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