I’ve been using Trello off and on for several years but just recently *finally* found a system with it that works for me to get my list done and reach my goals.

I wanted to share with you how I’ve set up this system and give you a template to get started.

But before we dive in too far, if you don’t already use Trello you can sign up here. (Referral link) After you get signed up, check out this tutorial from my biz friend and mentor Kim Jimenez.

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Ok, let’s get started on how to use Trello to crush your goals!

Start with the big picture

The first list I start with is my goal for the year. Starting with the end goal and big picture allows me to keep it in mind as I’m working on all of those smaller tasks.

I do this by having a list called “Yearly Goals.” Then I have cards for each goal.

Then work backwards

Once I have my yearly goals list setup, then I go to my quarterly goals list. These are the projects that I’m working on in the next 12 weeks or so to get closer to my yearly goal.

Each project for the quarter then gets its own card.

From there I then have lists for “This Month,” “This Week,” and “Today” where I break down what needs to be done.

What I love about this system is that I can see at a glance how my to-do list can build on itself to reach my big goals!

Have lists for repeating tasks

So I don’t want my lists cluttered up with tasks that I do every day, but if I don’t have them in front of me it’s likely I’ll forget about them.

That’s why I also created lists for repeated tasks that need to be done. I have lists for Daily, Weekly, and Monthly tasks.

Here’s a video going over the basics we’ve covered so far:

Use labels and deadlines to your advantage

On my cards I also like to use labels to categorize my to-do’s for different goals. It makes the board feel much more organized.

I’ll also use deadlines to stay on track and prioritize important tasks.

Use card features to add details

There are so many features on the cards that you can use to add details. There’s a description area, checklist ability, comments, you can attach files, and more.

Sometimes I use these extra features and sometimes I don’t – it really just depends on what I need for that particular task or goal. But I’m glad the features are available for when I do need them!

It’s important to just play around with Trello and figure out what works for you.

Power-ups and other tools

Trello also offers power-ups where you can add automations or sync up with other apps to make it even more functional.

One other tool I wanted to mention is the Chrome extension “List Layouts for Trello.” I use this all the time so all my lists aren’t in a single row. This extension will add extra rows so you can see most of your lists all at once. It’s super helpful to see the entire picture on your screen!

I hope this was helpful for you as you set up your own workflow to reach your goals. If you want to try out mine for yourself, sign up below and I’ll send you the link so you can copy my Trello board!

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