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The perfect command center can make a big difference in your life, getting your family organized and on the same page. Here are some elements to create a command center for your family.


First and foremost, almost all command centers have a calendar. This is important because it gives everyone in the family access to the schedule for any given day.

Some even go so far as to have multiple calendars set up for different family members, etc. If you have a LOT on your plate and family members going in all different directions each day, that may be helpful.

When I was in college I made a calendar with my class and work schedule that I gave to family members so they knew when the best times to contact me were.


Next up is an inbox to place mail or other important items that need taken care of quickly. You can have one main inbox or give family members their own. Either way, most command centers have some sort of inbox to store the incoming items.

Menu Plan

Though not necessary, displaying a menu plan for the week is helpful in curbing the “What’s for dinner?” question every day. Menu planning has helped me save money on groceries and feel more organized. So whether you display it as part of your command center or not, I definitely recommend creating a menu plan each week!

Baskets and Hooks

You can also use baskets and hooks in your command center to store your keys, personal items, coupons, receipts, or whatever else you need to keep handy to make your life a little simpler.


Many command centers feature a clock on the wall, which makes sense considering the calendar and schedule nearby.

Here are a few clocks I love (Click image for more info):


A command center is a great place for a piece or two of art that inspires you or some family photos you love. Pick something that brightens your day when you see it so that your command center is a happy and inspiring space.

Grocery List and To-Do List

Finally, a grocery list and a to-do list in your command center is helpful to keep both of those handy so they can be added to by any family members. You could even include a to-do list for each person. I’m sure your family would LOVE that 😉

So there you have the most common elements of a command center: calendar, inbox, menu plan, baskets and hooks, clock, art, and lists. You can include all are just some of these elements to make the perfect command center for you and your family.

Or, if you want one that’s pretty much ready made for you, here are some favorites that I’ve found. (Click image for more info)

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