How is the year almost half over already?

Since I’ve been talking a  lot about goal setting lately I thought it would be fun to share a goal update on my personal goals for the year.

Goal 1: Maintain weight and grow healthier and stronger

✔I’m drinking more water

✔I’m taking my vitamins and supplements daily

✔Working on wearing my step counter daily (This step needs some work though, I have not been very consistent.)

My next step here is to work on healthier menu planning and prep now that we’re getting settled into our new home.

I eat soo much healthier when I prep things in advance. Since the move our diet has included far more convenience foods than usual so I know we’ll feel better once we start eating healthier again!

Goal 2: Growing my business

✔Launched a new coaching program

✔I’m releasing new content weekly

✔I’m sticking to my schedule and goals

My business goals have gone pretty well despite the move. I’m getting ready to launch a couple new things and working on getting back into my time blocking and batching routine that helps me get much more done.

Curious as to what’s new? A goal setting workbook and coaching program!

Goal 3: Stay organized

✔Using time blocking and batching to reach my goals

✔Automating where I can to save time

✔ New planner system setup and using it daily

Up next for staying organized is to create a new routine and new systems for our home. Moving can throw things for a loop!

But I’m getting into a new laundry and cleaning routine and schedule. I’m looking forward to the new routine I’m creating as well to keep our days on track.

Those were the 3 main goals I had starting 2018. I knew it would be a year of some adjustments and changes, so that’s why I wasn’t super specific.

I am going to have more focused goals for the second half of the year, so I’m looking forward to sharing those with you next month.

How are your goals coming along??

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