Today I want to give you a goal update. I just started doing these this summer and it’s a really fun way for me to share my goals with you. It also helps keep me accountable for what I am working towards.

July Goal Recap

So last month was July. And my goals were to do some planning and prep for a family dinner, get rid of all the moving boxes and host to challenges for my two separate blogs.

So I am happy to say that I got through all of those goals. We started some new meal planning and prep for me to prep my husband’s lunches for him to take to work and to just get more on a good meal schedule.

Since we’ve spent the summer getting settled into our new home, now we’re working on our new routines and meal planning and prep is one of those.

I also had my family over for a family dinner. We did a taco bar, and it was really fun. I am definitely going to put hosting a family dinner at my house on my goals for next month as well.

And I was really happy I finally got rid of all of our moving boxes. They were sitting in our basement, so I was able to pass all of those along to a family that is moving out of our neighborhood.

And finally, the challenges I hosted were really fun. In my health group, I hosted a challenge for eating more fruits and veggies every day. And in my Living Simply, Organized, and Focused Facebook group, I hosted a challenge on creating systems to simplify and streamline your life. Both went really well and were a lot of fun.

Goals for August

Alright, so moving forward to August now, my goals for my home are to finish our guest room and to finish a decorating our house.

I still have the plastic tub full of pictures and decor that I have not gotten up yet, so that’s something I’d like to get done this month.

I want to continue our good meal plan and prep routine to get that really down and solid, so that we have our meals, all planned out in prepared ahead of time.

I want to continue doing new videos for you. I’d like to use video to update you on what’s going on and give you some tips for living more intentionally.

And finally, my last goal for the month is to do weekly classes in my health group, so I am excited to start that and plan that all out.

All right, so that is my goal update for right now. I would love to hear how you are doing on your goals, so leave me a comment and let me know. I will be back with another update next month!

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