There are so many choices for apps out there, how do you know what to try?

Well I’ve tried several. Some work well for me and others not so much. But here are some of my favorite apps and the benefits I’ve found in using them.

Phone Timer

Your timer app can be your best productivity buddy. Set aside a certain amount of time, even just 5 minutes, to give a task your undivided attention until the timer goes off. This is the first and simplest app or device that just about everyone has access to!

Phone Alarms

Along with the timer, the alarm on your phone can be an amazing productivity tool.

You can set up alarms throughout your day to keep you on schedule.

You can set up alarms for special events throughout the week.

You can even use it as a reminder for important to-dos on your list.

One way that the alarm has been helpful for me is in creating good habits. I have an alarm set for not too long after we normally get up and going to remind me to make sure my son has his glasses on.

Getting a two-year-old into the habit of wearing glasses is no easy feat, but the alarms for double-checking his glasses has made it much easier on this mama.


I love Trello! It’s like a list of lists and for this list-loving girl, it’s a dream come true. I doubt I’m even using it to its full potential, but I find it very helpful.

Inside of Trello you can create “boards.” Inside each board you can make several lists. Each list item is on a “card.” Then each card can be color coded, delegated, add notes or comments, and more.

I use Trello to organize my thoughts into lists in several categories and also for goal setting.

Google Drive

I use my Google Drive all. the. time. In fact, I may be a little bit addicted to it. I love how I can access stuff anywhere, stay organized with creating documents and spreadsheets, and upload any file I need access to.

I also JUST started trying out the Android app from Google called “Keep.” It’s like a bunch of notes in one place to keep track of important information. Each note can be a plain text note, a list, voice recording, or picture. I like it so far, we’ll see how the next few weeks go!


Even though I haven’t quite mastered Evernote, I think it’s an amazing tool. I love how notes can be created so many different ways – a photo, voice recording, a link to a website, plain text, and more. Eventually I would like to learn how to use it even better so I can use it closer to its potential.


Now, let me start singing the praises of InstaCart. This has saved me SO. MUCH. TIME.

I’ve never loved grocery shopping, but having a toddler who flatout HATES it makes it that much worse.

Not to mention I have enough going on between running a home, business, and raising a toddler. Having that grocery shopping hour or two back each week is pretty amazing.

We sprung for the $99 per year express membership that pays for itself in just a few months if you use it weekly. If I’m being honest, I’d rather pay for that than Amazon Prime. *Gasp*  I know.

Anyway, the app is super easy to use and saves my favorites so it’s a piece of cake to order groceries each week.

It saves me money too since there’s no impulse buying. So it’s easy to stick to the budget and menu plan.

If I’ve convinced you how amazing it is, you can get $10 free through my referral link.

I think the key in using time management and productivity apps is to experiment and find what works for you and your way of thinking. If an app doesn’t work as well as another, just get rid of it so you can centralize your information in just one or two places. Otherwise, it can get overwhelming really fast.

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