Although the term “small” is relative, the size of our house is usually referred to as a “starter home.” It’s also a fixer-upper. When we bought it, many of the rooms were still stuck in the 70s. We’ve gotten a good amount updated (thanks to my Dad’s help) and only have a few big projects to go.. That will probably get done eventually.

However, we’ve been living there for over 4 years and I’m not planning on moving anytime soon.


You Have to Keep Things Simple

Owning a smaller home with limited space is motivation to keep things simple. Less clutter, easier routines, less to maintain, and less stress.

Having fewer things also makes the space feel bigger. If furniture is cramped in the room, it makes the atmosphere feel closed in and cluttered.

I want my home to feel spacious and comforting!

So between less stuff and easier routines, I think it’s a little easier to keep things simple in our starter home.

It Reduces Clutter

I don’t have room for extra clutter!

I’m most relaxed and productive when my home is clear of clutter – simple and organized.

We are blessed to have some decent sized closet space, but it still takes careful consideration to keep the clutter under control – especially in our small kitchen with limited cabinet space!

I regularly go through a DeClutterathon and work to keep things decluttered as much as possible to ensure the “stuff” stays under control.

Less to Clean!

I do NOT like to clean.

I have a simple cleaning list that I follow each week. Also, I combine that with a couple “Deep-Cleaning” sessions each year.

These two things combined keeps our home clean, especially in this season where it’s just the two of us (and our dog) and we both work full time during the day.

More Time to Focus on Important Things

With fewer things to worry about, clean, and organize I have more time to focus on important things.

I enjoy quiet evenings at home with my husband and our dog. With my simple cleaning routine I have time to volunteer at church some weekends. And we enjoy family dinners most Sunday nights with my parents and my brother.

It Promotes family time

I like that a smaller home promotes more time spent together. Sure, there’s space to be alone – and being an introvert, I need that frequently.

But family is absolutely a top priority and I like that we can spend more time together and not be so tempted to go spend time in another room away from everyone else.

Affordable Mortgage

It would cost us hundreds more per month to rent a home the size of ours. Instead, we have a reasonable, affordable mortgage payment.

Though it’s not for everyone and certainly depends on the area you live in, buying instead of renting is usually a good investment (in my opinion anyway.)

We will probably end up moving eventually, but for now our starter home is still perfect for us. It keeps life much more simple all around.

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