In my book, having a planner is a necessity. I think it’s an essential tool for everyone to be able to manage their life well.

How you use the planner is going to depend on your personality and preferences, but overall using a planner can keep you far more organized than life without one.
Without a daily plan you are likely to wander without clear tasks and goals. There are several reasons I believe a planner is so important.

These reasons are exactly why you need a daily plan to give you priorities, purpose, and practical steps to reach your goals while living a meaningful life.

A Plan Gives You Clarity

I personally would be totally lost without my planner. We have so many thoughts running through our head. Things that need done, appointments to make, and goals to complete. Writing things down that need done will help you remember what to do. Without my planner I’m pretty sure I would constantly feel jumbled and stressed and not know where to start each day!

A Plan Helps You Define Priorities

For example, having your relationship with God as a priority makes it easier to schedule devotional time. Making your marriage a priority has you scheduling date nights and intentional time together.

Once things are written down, you can take a look at the big picture and begin to decide what items take priority and which things can wait.

A Plan Gives You Purpose

Once you know what’s going on – priorities, goals, and tasks, you have a better sense of purpose on what you should be doing.

When opportunities arise, you can confidently say yes or no based on your priorities and what your schedule looks like. You know your purpose and can give your answer without guilt.

There are so many “good” things out there, but if we fill our lives with just the “good” we don’t leave room for the very BEST. This is going to look totally different for each person and each season you’re in – but if you work toward filling your life with the best stuff, you’ll find a lot more purpose in it.

These reasons are exactly why you need a daily plan to give you priorities, purpose, and practical steps to reach your goals while living a meaningful life.

A Daily Plan Gives You a Starting Point

When you have your daily list written down and your priorities established, you can easily pinpoint which task you should start with for the day.

A lot of experts recommend starting with the biggest task first, or, “eating the frog.” However, I think it’s also ok to start with one or two quick and easy tasks that build some momentum for getting things done that day.

A Daily Plan Gives You Practical Steps

You may have big goals in your head, but without a plan of steps to achieve them, you are not nearly as likely to reach those goals. When you have a list of actionable steps to take to meet your goals, doing one or more things per day or week will get you closer and closer to actually achieving your goal.

When I say “planner” I don’t necessarily mean a specially bound calendar with all sorts of pages to keep track of every facet of your life (though that’s my preferred method 😉 ) I just mean a system that works for YOU.

It could be on your phone, a plain spiral bound notebook, or sticky notes placed all over the house. It doesn’t matter. But in order to live intentionally and be productive too, having a plan laid out will make each day a little more meaningful.

If you are looking for a planner to help you get organized, I use and love Kayse Pratt’s Organized Life Planner! I love all the little details – there are spots for weekly habit tracker, weekly and daily priorities, prayer requests, health, water intake, meal planning, and so much more. Check it out for yourself here! (affiliate link)

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