You have your goal written down.

Your goal is “SMART.”

And you have a list of action steps to take.

But it still feels like something is missing.

Yeah, it’s something you really want. But you still can’t seem to take the steps necessary to get there.

So what’s holding you back from reaching your goals?

It could be that your “Why” isn’t strong enough.

The driving force behind your goals

When we have a strong, motivating “Why” behind the goals we want to accomplish, it keeps us moving forward even when the going gets tough.

Because, if your “Why” is big enough, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Your why needs to be beyond yourself

In most cases, your big Why needs to be beyond yourself. Not just what achieving your goal will do for you, but also for others.

Think of how achieving your goal with impact your spouse, kids, extended family, neighbors, church family, and online community. Then think of how those people will be able to continue to pass along that impact to THEIR family and community.

You reaching your goals can create a powerful domino effect that can make a lasting impact around the world and for future generations.

Examples of a good, strong, “Why”

Health – So you can have the energy to follow your dreams, be there for your family, and serve others.

Home – So that you have less stress, more time, and your home is a haven for your family. You are easily able to open your home up to others as well.

Business – I’m making an income that provides for my family and I’m greatly impacting the lives of busy women by helping them reach their full potential.

For my simplifying and organizing goal, my personal “Why” is so I can have focused family time and work time without the distractions.

For my business goal, my “Why” is to provide for my family and make a difference by helping busy women reach their goals and live into the purpose God has placed on their heart.

What if I don’t have a Why?

Something’s not quite right if you can’t find a why. You’ll need to evaluate whether your goal is something you really want, or it’s something that you feel like you “should” do.

There are certainly exceptions to this. Sometimes a goal is something we just have to do. But not always. It can take some deep searching to figure out whether your goal is something you should truly stick with or something you need to let go for bigger, better things.

Putting it all together

Have you been thinking about your “Why” and how it can impact your goals?

I think it’s an important element to consider as you plan out your goals and implementation. When it is constructed in a way that not only affects you, but others as well, it can be a powerful driving force that propels you forward and you take action towards your biggest goals.

Ready to map out that goal?

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