Do you ever find yourself lacking motivation?

Do you feel like you just don’t have the energy or mentality to start something?

I think we’ve all been there at times. I know I have. But you can find some motivation when you need it. These are some of my favorite tips on how to find motivation when I need it most.

Are you lacking the motivation you need to reach your goals? Check out these simple ideas on how to find motivation and inspiration to get started.

Motivation comes from Momentum

We can’t just wait for motivation to strike, because it’s most likely not going to happen that way. However, by just starting, by making that tiny bit of progress, it will lead to having motivation to keep going.

We tend to think of it in the opposite way, that momentum comes from motivation. But in reality, if we start the momentum it will keep going and give you the motivation you need to continue.

Knowing that, let’s talk about some strategies you can use to learn how to get motivated every day and STAY motivated and focused.

Think of the End Result

Think of what you will accomplish and how you’ll feel when it’s done. Will it give you peace? A sense of accomplishment? Relief? Start with the end in mind.

Here are just a few motivating questions to ask yourself:

  • How will I feel when this task is complete?
  • What can I move onto next when this is finished?
  • How will this improve my life?
  • How will this experience help me to grow?

Bribe Yourself

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “bribing” yourself. Simply promise yourself a small reward for getting you task complete – and stick to it! Don’t let yourself have the “reward” until it’s all done. If you can practice some self-discipline with that it really can work wonders. One of my favorite rewards is a cup of coffee or hot chocolate!

Set a Timer

Sometimes adding a little competition to the mix can create a sense of urgency to get something done, even if it’s racing against the clock. That’s where a timer can come in – see how much you can get accomplished in an allotted amount of time.

Along these same lines, I like to have a “Power Hour” or “Blitz” or whatever you want to call it! Basically, it’s an hour set aside to fully focus on your most important project to reach your goals. It’s nice to do this early in the day, that way if your day gets totally derailed, you’ve still been productive!

Phone or Text a Friend

Telling others about your goals is a great way to get motivated. If someone else is going to hold you to it, you’re much more likely to follow through because you don’t want to let them down or let them see you fall short.

That being said, things happen and your accountability buddy should be someone that offers grace and encourages you to keep going when things get tough.

Have a friend hold you accountable. You could call or text them and say something like, “For the next 30 minutes I’m going to work on xyz. Could you follow up when the time is up to see how much I got done?”

There are also several Facebook groups (like mine!) where you can find accountability. We encourage before and after photos to keep yourself accountable to your projects.

Read or Listen to Something Inspirational

Do you have a favorite podcast or YouTube Channel (Here are my favorite channels) that inspires and encourages you? Then tune into those when you are needing an extra dose of motivation. I usually find this does the trick and I can get started on what I need to do.

Another idea is to turn on some music that will motivate you – for some that’s music that soft and classical and for others it may be fast and fun. Do whatever works for you!

Positive Mindset

I think having the right mindset is one of the most foundational things in being productive and staying motivated. This has been found true for me so many times in my own life. Even in the past week.

The days that I’m most productive and happy are the days that I refuse to let the negative thoughts take over. I’ll start thinking things like “I don’t have the energy to do that today,” or “I don’t feel up to it and I have way too much other stuff going on.

I have to quickly reframe the thoughts into things like “I have the energy to do the most important things I need to do today,” and “I’m focused and motivated to get things done.”

It may sound a little silly, but I encourage you to try for a while. It takes practice, but I’m confident you’ll soon see the difference it makes when you keep your thoughts positive.

Know your why

Going back to your “Why” is a great motivator for both big goals and small tasks. Whether it’s the life-changing goal that will impact thousands of small tasks like vacuuming so your home is a clean haven for you and your family.

Get moving

Adding more movement in your day is likely to give you the energy and momentum to keep moving and get stuff done. Even better if some of that movement is outside to get some sunshine and vitamin D!

Make a plan

If you have a clear plan to follow, it’s a little easier to get going because you know where to start. So break down a project into small tasks and prioritize them. Then you’ll have a plan and know what to tackle first.

With some of these simple tips, you can get the motivation to get started on your project, whatever it may be. Pick what works for you and stick with it! When you follow these steps on how to find motivation, you’re sure to reach your goals even sooner.


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