In my recent quest for simplifying life, I started removing more distractions and unnecessary things off my to do list. This was to make more room for rest and quiet in my life, which I needed badly after a rough year.

But there was another added benefit that I wasn’t expecting… I was actually accomplishing MORE than I was before! So I wanted to share with you exactly how I’ve been able to accomplish more by doing less.

Find out the ROI

ROI is an important term in figuring out what exactly you should be doing. It stands for “Return on Investment” and determining the ROI depends on your goals. It generally refers to business, but can be applied to other areas of life too. So what tasks are actually moving you closer to your goals? Those are the ones with a higher ROI. If a task has a low ROI it’s something you should consider eliminating.

Focus on What Matters

One of the most essential tasks here is to know your priorities in this season of life. Once you know what your priorities are, or what really matters right now, you know where to focus your efforts.

Eliminate the unessential

Clean up your to-do list from the things that really just aren’t necessary and don’t bring in any ROI. Also eliminate the things that aren’t a priority right now. They can wait, I promise.

Eliminate distractions

Recently I unfollowed several people and pages on Facebook, unsubscribed to several email lists, and looked for other ways to eliminate the things that were distracting me from getting important things done.

Another thing I’ve done is install the “Kill newsfeed” Chrome extension. Since I almost always use Chrome as my internet browser, it will take away the Facebook newsfeed when I log in so I’m not sucked into all the posts. Now the only way I can access the newsfeed is through my phone app.

There are SO many distractions all around us. By figuring out what distracts you the most and getting rid of those distractions, at least for awhile, will help you become SO much more focused and productive.

Manage Your Time Well

And not just manage your time – you have to find your MOTIVATION. I see this struggle all. The. time. So if it’s something you struggle with too – know you’re not alone!

The first and best piece I have for finding motivation is to read and implement Crystal Paine’s book 21 Days to Self-Discipline. This is a game changer because motivation usually has to come from discipline.

So if you’re ready to start taking those first steps in “Eliminating the Unessential” then I’d love to invite you to my FREE DeClutter Your Life Challenge! It’s 5 days long and each day includes a small, attainable action step to declutter your home, mind, and digital life. I hope you’ll join me! Click here to sign up!

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