Cleaning Schedule Planner {a FREE Printable}

Cleaning Schedule Printable

To go along with my recent post on How to Create a Successful Cleaning Schedule, I thought I’d put together a printable that helps you do just that: plan a cleaning schedule that works for you and your family. These pages consist of places to brainstorm what needs done when, some important questions to ask yourself, space to split responsibilities between family members, and finally a page of notes. Click Here to Download Your Cleaning Schedule Printable Planner! I hope {Read More}

How to Create a Successful Cleaning Schedule

How to Create a Successful Cleaning Schedule

Doesn’t it seem like the household chores never end? It does for me sometimes anyway. I’ve found that having a set cleaning schedule (with plenty of wiggle room of course) makes keeping up with the house a little bit easier. Here are some ways to create a successful cleaning schedule. List what chores need done when and how often What needs to be completed daily? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Yearly? Decide what works better for you: one room at a {Read More}

Slow Cooker Cheddar Bacon Potato Soup

Slow Cooker Loaded Potato Soup

My husband and I thought some potato soup sounded good and I have been wanting to try new slow cooker recipes, so this is what I put together. It’s full of cheesy bacon flavor, and with those two ingredients you can’t go wrong Ingredients: 1 pkg hash browns 2 – 3 cans of chicken broth 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 1/2 onion, chopped 1 pkg bacon, cooked (I used the Applewood smoked kind from Aldi. It was delicious!) 1 cup {Read More}

Essential Oil Spotlight: Purify

Essential Oil Spotlight: Purify

This blend from doTerra is formulated to kill germs. It’s great to have on hand to protect against impurities. My favorite uses include: treating bug bites and cleaning. It works great in the DIY Disinfecting Wipes that I love. Another popular use is to include Purify in a homemade deodorant.   It’s also great to diffuse to kill any germs in the air and strengthen your immune system. The ingredients include: cilantro, citronella, lemon, lime, melaluca, and pine. If you’d like more {Read More}

3 Habits for a Better Day

My Top 3 Habits for a Better Day

Every feel like your days are just passing you by? I know I have. That’s why I’ve been trying to adopt some new, positive habits to help my day run more smoothly. I want to enjoy each day I’m blessed with, so here’s what I’ve been doing: Start with Gratitude I try to start my prayer time with thankfulness – finding at least 3 specific things each morning to thank and praise God for. Even better would be praying before {Read More}

How doTerra Essential Oils Have Changed my Life

How doTerra Essential Oils Have Changed My Life

One year ago, my allergies were so bad that I was in expresscare every other month with another sinus infection. I seriously can’t even count how many I’ve had in my life. But I dealt with the pain and pressure for a couple weeks, loaded up with zyrtec and over-the-counter sinus meds until I finally couldn’t take it anymore and went to the doctor. They’d prescribe and antibiotic, which I’d take, and it’d finally go away. For like a month {Read More}

Fabulous Frozen Treats {A Round-Up}

Fabulous Frozen Treats {A Round-Up}

There’s nothing like a cool, creamy bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day! A gathered up some ideas for some yummy frozen treats and below are all of my finds. These all look delicious! Kudos to these fantastic bloggers! Cherry and Lime Coke Float Milkshake from This Silly Girl’s Life Peanut Butter Cookie Milkshake from Chocolate with Grace Peaches n Cream Ice Cream from Letters from Sunnybrook Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream from Pint Sized Baker Ginger Cookie and {Read More}

8 Ways to Save Big on Books

8 Ways to Save BIG on Books

I love reading, but books can really add up if you’re not careful! Over the years I’ve found some great ways to save money on books, both paperback and ebooks. I’ve been able to keep up my reading habit without breaking the bank. Here are my ideas: 1. Go to the Library As a homeschool graduate, the library holds a special place in my heart. I have many fond memories of mornings spent there wandering the isles finding new and {Read More}