How to Create a Successful New Year Plan

How to Create a Successful New Year Plan

Do you have a plan laid out for the new year? Do you know your priorities and goals? Even though it may change throughout the year, I think it is vital to start the new year with a plan in place. This is the process I use to make a plan for the new year. Define your Priorities What is your focus for the new year? Take time to list out your priorities with pen and paper and rank them {Read More}

Smashed Potatoes Recipe – A Quick, Easy Side Dish

Smashed Potatoes Recipe

If you’re looking for a super quick side to throw together for dinner, this one might be just what you’re searching for. I’m all about easy recipes and Smashed potatoes is a new favorite of ours. No, that’s not a typo.. they’re not “mashed,” they’re “smashed.” I start by steaming a bag of small potatoes. Aldi usually has some steamer bags. If not, you can boil them or steam them by placing them in a microwave safe dish with some {Read More}

Practical Ways to Simplify Christmas Time

Practical Ways to Simplify Christmas

Perfectionism. Fear. Conflict. Stress. Exhaustion. Do any of these words come to mind when you think of the holidays? It’s actually quite common and I personally have not been a stranger to all of them. For some, the holidays are well known as not always being “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” But where is our focus? And who said Christmas has to be complicated? Sometimes simple is better. I want to focus on the real reason we celebrate {Read More}

Lessons Learned from not Reaching my 2014 Goals {And why I’m totally OK with it}

Lessons Learned from Not Reaching my 2014 Goal (And Why I'm Totally OK with it)

Not all of my 2014 goals were a success. There were several that I didn’t meet but I don’t think that makes my year less successful. Most of my year went pretty well, actually. I learned a lot and made progress on many goals. There are four main reasons why I think you shouldn’t worry if you didn’t meet all of your goals, either. Progress not Perfection I didn’t reach the end goal on the number of books I wanted {Read More}

Free Printable De-Clutter-a-thon Checklist

Free Printable 10 Day De-Clutter-a-thon Checklist

Last week I wrote about a 10 Day De-Cluttering Plan to get your house in shape in only 15 – 30 minutes per day. But I got to thinking it would be even better if you had a handy checklist to go along with it! So, I got to work and put one together… Download your free 10 Day De-Clutter-a-thon checklist here. Now you have something to stick on the fridge or insert into your planner to keep track of {Read More}

Simple Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

Fun & Simple Christmas Traditions to start this year

Christmas is a time to slow down and enjoy time with your loved ones. A time to celebrate the birth of Christ and the spirit of giving. I believe this season doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful if everyone commits to keeping it simple. I usually insist on lists of ideas for gifts. This takes the stress out of trying to pick out the perfect item and I know what I buy is a true want or need. Another {Read More}

How to Have a 10 Day De-Clutter-a-thon (Only 15 – 30 minutes per day!)

How to Have a 10-Day De-Clutter-a-thon (Only 15-30 minutes per day!)

I don’t know about your home, but I know mine could use some major de-cluttering. I don’t want to be drowning in stuff, especially things that we don’t have a need or want for anymore. So I’m going to have a 10-day de-clutter-a-thon. Too much in one day can be so overwhelming, particularly when you have difficulty getting rid of things. So I’ve put together a 10-day, 10-area plan to get rid of the excess. Medicine cabinet Clean out an {Read More}

Top 10 Ways to Live a Balanced Life

Top 10 Ways to Live a Balanced Life

In this crazy busy world that never seems to slow down much, I think we could all use a little more balance in our lives. A way to slow down and savor the precious moments that are gone in the blink of an eye. For awhile now I’ve been working on living more intentionally and adding more balance to our lives. It’s been great – less stress, less guilt, and more joy and memories. In case you’re looking for more {Read More}