7 Secrets of an Organized & Balanced Life {ebook}
This ebook is jam-packed with practical solutions and insights on 7 principles that will help you get your goals and plans working again. Each chapter has a checklist that will enable you to put all of the solutions into practice one step at a time. Inside you’ll get: How to shift your mindset to get the results you need. Ways to create a plan that actually works. The important steps for creating goals you’ll reach. How priorities are vital to living a balanced and organized life. And MUCH more.
Price: $12.00
Home Management Spreadsheet
Home Management Spreadsheet
Do you have trouble keeping schedules and important information organized? And how often do you need that info and you don’t have it with you? Those were the problems I was having before creating my Home Management Spreadsheet. As much as I love my paper planner, I needed something more for my busy life. I love that this planner is digital - I can access it anywhere I have my phone and keep it updated when I’m on the go. There are several tabs to keep track of so many things: Contacts Birthdays and Anniversaries Grocery List Favorite Meals Pet Info Cleaning Schedule Auto Maintenance Home Projects Book Inventory DVD Inventory and more! This spreadsheet will help you keep track of important information in the midst of your busy life. Buy today for a more organized life!
Price: $9.99

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