Empowering moms to reach their big goals in business and life through planning, time management, and productivity.


You CAN run a successful business from home while still being a present wife and mom. 

You can work towards your goals while taking care of your home and family while ENJOYING Life.

Sound like something you want? Cool. I’ll show you how to get there.

I’m Laura and I can help you put a practical, strategic plan in place to live a balanced life you love.

No more spinning your wheels going nowhere.

No more feeling buried under overwhelm.

No more mommy guilt.

Because you were made for more.


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My most recent blog posts:

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Goals that Work

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Goals that Work

You have big goals for your life. But you don’t really know what to do to create the life you want. I mean, you know what you should probably be working on. But you’re not sure if that’s the best use of your time right now or when you should work on these things. I...

Goal Update for May 2018

Goal Update for May 2018

How is the year almost half over already? Since I’ve been talking a  lot about goal setting lately I thought it would be fun to share a goal update on my personal goals for the year. Goal 1: Maintain weight and grow healthier and stronger ✔I'm drinking more water ✔I'm...

How to Handle Setbacks to Your Goals and Still Reach Them

How to Handle Setbacks to Your Goals and Still Reach Them

You’re plodding along after your goals, making slow and steady progress, when out of nowhere… BAM. A huge setback is in your way. Something unexpected and NOT in line with your perfectly created plan. So what are you supposed to do? Give up? NOOO! Please don’t do...

I’m here to help you reach your goals. So let’s get started!

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